A HuMetis Group Company

About Us

We are a group of technology entrepreneurs making advanced technological solutions available to businesses of any size. Such high-quality solutions are usually accessible to organizations with a dedicated R&D team

It’s always not necessary to think out of the box because one solution does not fit all. This has been our collective experience for over 25 years.

The secret ingredient is in being adaptable.   

We build custom solutions in Business transformation and Legacy Modernization available, to enable organisations achieve their goal(s).

Our research and development teams constantly work towards building solutions that bring the world together and create an impact.

Our Promise:  

  • Dedicated engagement manager
  • Monthly reviews
  • Establish GMP
  • TAT of 24 hours on any communication and feedback
  • Professional firm appointed to ensure compliance
  • Constant reporting on SLA from sourcing to re-deployment.
  • Continuous process improvement with surveys

Our Team


Rangarajan Kumar

US Operations


Babu Sampath

Canada Operations


Ganesamoorthy Pandian

Chief Technology Officer