A HuMetis Group Company


Management Consulting

With over 20 years of experience in Agile, Waterfall, DevSecOps, ValOps, Smart Development FrameWorks with Twelve Factors & 5 Blocks Methods, and DevOps methodologies,  we have advised our clients with business strategies that have helped them scale operations while ensuring efficiency and consistency in:

  • Project Management 
  • Application Development and
  • Deployment & Maintenance

Healthcare Consulting

With over 20 years of expertise in catering to various clients in the Healthcare industry, we have helped organisations set up and develop technology-driven solutions in HIPAA and other Federal and State compliance,  Child Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare and Cross-functional Expertise between states.

Our expertise in handling interfaces that connects the healthcare systems between different states in the USA makes us the preferred choice of organisations of all sizes.

Legacy Modernization

Almost all businesses would need to upgrade their systems to be on par with the market standards. Though access to a large array of new technologies is now available, the challenge is getting the right team who can understand the legacy applications, the embedded business rules, and identify the need that is driving modernization.

Our team of Subject Matter Experts working in Legacy technologies across various business sectors bridge the gap between the legacy and new technologies for the Modernization needs for our customers.

We continuously adapt new advancements in technologies to bring the best to our customers. This empowers us to design and deploy high performing applications for desktop and mobile as well for our customers.